I am here to talk to you about the power of your mindset. To put it simply, the Law of Attraction, as stated on the official website, “is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. In basic terms, all thoughts turn into things eventually.”

To put it in even simpler terms, by thinking negative thoughts, you are making yourself susceptible to unfavorable circumstances. However, if you think positive thoughts, taking action to achieve your goals and maintain a happy lifestyle will ultimately become much more attainable.

Once we have the ability as individuals to come to understand the plethora of possibilities and opportunities that life has to offer, we can also come to realize that the power of controlling our lives is in our own hands. We are like artists painting a picture, and if it turns out we don’t like the first picture– we can paint a new one.

The Law of Attraction proves that whatever we can imagine is actually achievable, as long as you take action on a positive plan to get there.

You might have seen visualization tools that people use to make the Law of Attraction more powerful, such as gratitude journals, vision boards or dream boards, and many more. The photos or sayings that are placed on your vision board are meant to represent things that you are aiming for/ aiming to get. It’s the best way to see your goals every day, and pretty much have them shoved in your face.

While there are many things that the Law of Attraction can help one achieve, I decided to come up with 6 Law of Attraction hacks to help you learn to use the Law of Attraction to your advantage.

Start Your Day On A Positive Note

When putting yourself together in the morning, think positive. Taking charge of our bodies isn’t only good for us mentally, but also physically and spiritually. Believe it or not, the thoughts we fill our heads with truthfully affect our lives with great abundance. That’s why it’s crucial to start your morning on a positive note, each and every single day.

No matter what went on the night before, or even while you were sleeping, wake up and do something for yourself to start your day off in the best way possible. For me, it usually includes inhaling some essential oils and/or herbs followed by a quick yoga practice, writing a few sentences down in a gratitude journal, or even making myself my favorite cup of coffee (Hazelnut coffee with Silk Hazelnut coffee creamer).

It could be small, it could be big– it could be something as simple as setting an intention for the day, or some morning mantras to start your day off while still laying in bed with your eyes closed (try not drifting off back into sleep). No matter what, as soon as you wake up, declare positivity and seize the day!

Live In The Present and Be Mindful

These are two things that probably could have been separated, but why not combine them for a challenge! Living in the present is an important, beginner step to conquer before even beginning to attempt using the Law of Attraction to your benefit. However, in our day and age, it’s hard to take a break from all of the thoughts running through our heads every day (for a yogi this is called “chitta vritti”, or “monkey mind”).

If you’re constantly pondering the question “What if?”, in regards to either your past or your future, or you often seem to find yourself caught up in something that happened to you in the past, or something you’re anticipating in the future, while it may sound hard– let it all go.

The first step to this is becoming mindful of everything you do– everything you think, everything you say, even everything you eat. Being aware of yourself and your actions will make you a stronger, calmer, and more in-control individual. By becoming more mindful, you will be able to better dismiss feelings of nostalgia or yearning– and learn to live a life of authentic contentment and peace with what you have in the present moment.

Embrace and Master Your Emotions

No matter what kind of person you are, we all experience bouts of negative emotions, sometimes more often than we seem to experience positive ones. Don’t let this be discouraging if you identify yourself with the kind of person that encounters more negativity than most, however, you must learn to find a balance in your emotions– learn to snap yourself out of negativity.

While I’m not a fan of the word “balance,” in this context, I think it’s necessary. You will not be able to manifest the things you want if you are unable to embrace, master, and balance your emotions. When we experience negativity, we must learn to embrace it and master it, rather than attempting to avoid it– this only makes it worse.

Fortunate for us, positive thoughts have a much stronger impact over negative ones, which means that it doesn’t take as much effort as you’d think to overcome your negative thoughts and feelings. Whether that means writing down how you feel, or taking a few minutes to think positive thoughts, as humans, we attract what we let out; so being consciously aware of the thoughts you are emitting is exactly how you will learn to use the Law of Attraction to benefit you.

Let Go Of Your Fears

To begin eliminating your fears from your life, you must learn to be conscious of your own condition, to ultimately change your relationship with fear forever. Working to understand your fears is the first step, and letting go is the next.

Turn your fear into love. Whether it be a hobby, a goal, or even a job that you are fearful of, don’t shut yourself down when you begin to feel fear. Fight to keep an open mind and heart in every situation you encounter, and always ask yourself what you could do better next time.

While this may seem tedious, writing down your fears is a way to face them, and finally, let them go. You must have the courage to do this because it’s not as easy as it sounds. Seeing your fears in writing might allow you to see how absurd some of them actually are, and help you to forget them quickly.

Turn Your Focus Outwards

It’s common for someone with low self-esteem to feel trapped within their own thoughts. If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others, thinking of things you’ve done wrong, and even wondering why you’re not good enough, learn to turn your focus outwards.

Our inner critics are all fueled by different stigmas. The first step is finding the root of your constant self-critical thoughts. Try to recall where this lack of self-respect comes from, and learn to banish it from your mind. Work on deliberately doing something to shift your focus to emphasizing your self-love.

Turning your focus outwards could mean channeling some of your energy towards something you feel deeply passionate about. This way, you will begin to learn and grow. Whether it’s talking to someone new, signing up for a class you’ve never taken, volunteering, or simply spending the day doing something you want to do, you are already beginning to help yourself, while also helping others.

Take Time To Breathe and Reflect

While you can take time throughout your daily life to breathe and reflect, my favorite time to do this is at night. Before bed, after you’ve showered, watched your favorite show, or practiced your favorite restorative yoga poses, take the time to think about something you are grateful for that happened during the day.

While doing this, try to take a few moments to focus on the thing you are grateful for and breathe. Either download a meditation application on your phone to enhance your practice, or practice on your own if you feel confident.

While it sounds simple, taking a single moment out of our day to breathe and reflect on our day may not be as easy as it sounds. Going to bed on a positive note is just as important as it is to wake up, and start your day with one.

Whether you’re reading this at night, during the day, or early in the morning, wherever you may be in your life right now, stop and breathe

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