RikkiLynn Shields is a Doctor of Physical Therapy student, lifelong runner, and yoga instructor based in New Jersey. She began practicing yoga as a freshman in college and was hooked after having an unexpected, blissful, experience during her first savasana. 

By learning to control our minds, RikkiLynn believes we can conquer our bodies. Yoga is about showing up and doing the work. Yoga is about speaking truthfully and staying true to our core values. Yoga is about quieting the mind and looking within to heal our own hearts. 

RikkiLynn’s mission is to share her love for movement with you and provide her students with the opportunity to discover their range of abilities. Her biggest hope is that we can all do what we love while always remembering to love what we do.

She has dedicated her life to showing up in the most authentic way, in order to give others permission to do the same.