Dr. RikkiLynn Shields, PT, DPT holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Dominican University New York and a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Religious Studies from Manhattan College. She is a marathon runner, and has been a competitive long distance runner for 10 years. In addition, RikkiLynn is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher.

While preparing her portfolio and filling out applications for graduate school to obtain her Master of Fine Arts in Poetry in 2017, RikkiLynn was simultaneously watching her grandmother’s rehabilitation journey following a fall that resulted in a pelvis fracture.

It was during this time that RikkiLynn became deeply fascinated by the bodies complexity, and ability to heal itself. Almost instantly, RikkiLynn felt compelled to pursue physical therapy. 

RikkiLynn has clinical and work experience in outpatient orthopedics, outpatient pediatrics, inpatient rehabilitation, subacute rehabilitation, and women’s/men’s/ pediatric pelvic health settings. She also has continuing education hours in vestibular rehabilitation, pelvic floor physical therapy through Herman and Wallace, and a Certification in Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute.

She is passionate for and specializes in treating orthopedics, women’s/ men’s/pediatric pelvic health, pre/postpartum training, spine and core rehabilitation, pediatrics, and lymphedema, with an emphasis on manual therapy, breath work, and exercise. She looks at the whole person– the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional being– not just the diagnosis. 

RikkiLynn created this space to educate and empower individuals, and wishes to use this platform to share her knowledge, experience, tools, and tips to inspire and assist the next generation of physical therapists and connect with and learn from other healthcare professionals.

RikkiLynn has dedicated her life to showing up in the most authentic way, in order to give others permission to do the same. While RikkiLynn’s treatment methods are always evolving, as she learns new and better ways to understand, approach, and treat, RikkiLynn’s ultimate goal is to provide her client’s and patient’s with the means to balance their bodies and minds, optimize function, move and breathe better, live more vibrant lives, and evolve further.