While it may be January and the start of a new year, today is just like any other day. 

With a new year comes new resolutions, new intentions, and new goals. However, there’s something about setting a tremendous amount of goals all at once that makes it hard for us to keep up with them.

We say we will go to the gym every day, or we will eat better, while in reality, we will continue on with our habits whether we like it or not.

What we tend to forget is that every day is a new page in our book. Every day we have the chance to remake ourselves. And every day we continue on our journey of self-love and self-acceptance.

I am not going to sit here and talk about how this year will be different than others because truth be told, I have no idea what this year has in store for me.

All I know is this moment right now.

In 2017, I came to realize that we can only offer one another what we first offer to ourselves.

In 2018, I am vowing to live in the present and learn to live and let go, and this is how and why you should too.

Learn to Take Care of Yourself

Some may call it selfish, but you can only be the best version of yourself for everyone when you are filling up your cup first. Say yes to yourself more, and say no to external people or things that you feel aren’t doing you any good.

An individual’s journey towards self-acceptance will last a lifetime– and that’s okay.

In order for us to become the best version of ourselves, and teach others to do the same, we must learn to practice what we preach and put ourselves first.

Do things for you.

This year…

Do: Set Goals

Take some time to jot down a few things you’d like to accomplish.

Try and separate these goals into long-term goals and short-term goals.

For example, think of things you’d like to accomplish each day, each week, each month, etc.

Don’t: Think Too Much Ahead

However, don’t bombard yourself.

Creating new habits and getting rid of old ones is harder than it looks.

Focus on one at a time, and try not to think ahead.

Focus all of your energy on today.

Take it one day at a time.

Learn to Be Okay With Where You’re At

Accepting where you are physically, mentally, and spiritually is the only way you will be able to continue to grow, and improve in places that may appear weaker to you than others.

If you are looking to improve your mental health and increase your happiness, or you are looking to shed a few pounds and drop your high blood pressure, accept where you are today.

Accept and understand where you are, and how you got here.

Come to terms with the fact that, while you may feel stuck, you can continue to grow.

This year…

Do: Reflect

Take some time this new year to reflect.

Think of lessons learned, knowledge obtained, what has been lost, and what has been gained.

Think of what areas you are trying to improve in, and think of what you have done in that past that hasn’t served you well, or has straight up brought you down.

Now change. Change bad habits and plan to replace them with better ones– strictly for the sake of your mental, physical, and or spiritual health.

Don’t: Focus On The Past

Whether it be on or off the mat, make 2018 all about exhaling what no longer serves us, and inhaling only the good things in our life.

While some instances in our past may be harder to let go of than others, learn to accept what is and move forward.

Focusing on the past, or the future for that matter, will not help you grow in the present.

Learn to be okay with what happened, what is, and not knowing what is to come.

Learn to Embrace Your The Way You Feel

If you have the capacity to experience loss, trauma, or heart-wrenching sadness, you also have the capacity for joy, love, and true happiness.

There is nothing wrong with feeling sad, down, or even depressed.

You must be able to learn to embrace your emotions, in a way that makes no emotion debilitating.

While sometimes may be better than others, stop and take a moment in your day, whether it be in the morning or at night, to make note of how you are feeling– physically, emotionally, spiritually.

After making a physical note of the way you feel, make a mental note of it.

From that moment, do whatever you can to move forward, and either continue feeling happy, or get past this bump of sadness.

This year…

Do: Feel A Little More

Let’s learn to feel. Learn to take it all in.

In moments where you feel as if your emotions may be overcoming you, let them, and see what happens.

We must learn to truly understand and accept our feelings in order to learn to control them and use them to only serve us in a positive way.

Be open to change, and embracive towards things that we are unsure of the way they will make us feel.

Be okay with not feeling okay.

Don’t: Avoid Feelings

If you think you are feeling sad, don’t act like you are not.

Be sad. And do whatever you need to get back on your feet.

Take a day to be alone with your thoughts, or be with your friends– whatever makes you feel better.

Learn to understand why you feel the way you feel, and learn to teach yourself that feelings will always pass, as long as we learn to accept them and move forward.

Learn to Be Brave

By learning to take care of yourself, embracing the way you feel, and being content with where you are at physically, spiritually, and/or mentally, you are learning to be brave.

You are learning to accept the fact that you are unsure of what the future holds…

… and you are saying you’re okay with that.

This year…

Do: Take More Risks

Don’t: Hold Back

Don’t hold back. Don’t settle for less.

While I do believe that this year isn’t different than any other, it is a new day.

And with each day comes a chance to remake ourselves.

Don’t hold back today.

Say what you want to say. Do what you want to do. And be who you want to be.

Make it a point to begin living on your own terms.

My hope for today, tomorrow, and for however many more times I manage to make it around the sun is that I will continue to take it all in.

So yes, while it may be a new year it is no different for me.

Every single day we have a chance to remake ourselves, discover ourselves a little more, love ourselves and one another a little harder and squeeze the ones that mean the most even tighter.

Above all of our goals, intentions, and resolutions, stop and say this with me:

I am ready for whatever 2018 has to offer.


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