Goodbye sweet, sweet teenage years– and hello twenties!

  1. I am not always right. And that is completely okay.
  2. Communication is the key to a healthy, successful relationship. Communication breeds trust and trust breeds never ending love.
  3. Some times will be tougher than others. Do not take happiness for granted.
  4. Stop, and take a deep breath. Give yourself the chance to breath– the chance to realize that anything is possible.
  5. It’s okay to argue. It’s okay to be upset. No matter what, don’t go to bed without saying “I love you.”
  6. No one knows exactly where they are going, no matter how far along they are in life– no matter what age. However, don’t be afraid to make that jump every now and then.
  7. Don’t help others who aren’t willing to help themselves.
  8. The ability to feel connected with almost everything you come in contact with is a blessing and a curse. Compassion tends to hurt.
  9. Falling in love isn’t always a choice. Staying in love– however– is.
  10. My family is everything. Without the constant support from my mother and father, I would not have come as far as I have.
  11. Be open to new things, new experiences, new thoughts, and new feelings. Be open, be willing, be vulnerable, and be you.
  12. It’s okay to make someone else your everything. Being hopelessly and happily in love with one person is something not everyone is able to experience. Cherish the undying love you have with someone every single day. However, don’t lose yourself along the way– allow yourself, and the other person, to grow– together and independently. There is always room for growth in the best way possible.
  13. Bring rich in knowledge, thought, experience, health, love and happiness is the greatest form of wealth a person can obtain.
  14. Being able to proudly accept and express your emotions is a gift.
  15. Life is a series of increased sufferings– you must either learn to carry the world on your back, or be crushed by it.
  16. I could have lives 1,000,000 lives, and felt 1,000,000 different feelings, and I still would have fallen for the man who is my best friend, my lover, my home, and my constant in this world of change.
  17. Mistakes help you make sense of your life and the world around you.
  18. I feel compelled to write because although writing scares me– I am more scared of not writing.
  19. At times, no piece of literature, no song on the radio, or piece of art can express the way I am feeling at one point or another.
  20. Keep on keeping on.


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