“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
― Lao Tzu

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This small, brown book is the newest addition to my collection of, what seem to be a mass amount of Moleskine notebook’s. When my dad decided to spend his Staple’s credit on me, I told him to surprise me with a nice, Moleskine notebook. For some reason, writing and sketching seems much more professional and enjoyable in a Moleskine notebook.

Anyways, when my dad came home from his Staple’s trip, he had this little, brown Moleskine for me, and it was on the kitchen table for me to see when I returned home from the gym. The note on the front said,

“Use to share your thoughts on journeys and experiences. Love, Dad + Mom”

Receiving this journal a few weeks before my summer vacation, I decided to dedicate this journal to the future travels and endeavors of Rory and I. Since Cape May was our first real trip together, this was the perfect time to start. I never thought about how useful a travel journal would be, especially at this point in my life.

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Now that I’m in college with an amazing boyfriend who is willing to travel with me, a travel journal is probably the best thing that could happen to me. I’ve always considered one, since I always carry some sort of notebook along with me. I also always either make videos or write about my travels. However, why did I never actually get around to purchasing a travel journal of my own?

Not that I necessarily needed to purchase one like this, but thank goodness my father did– it’s the best thing to happen to me since bubble tea! The journal is even cooler, because it has a feature that allows you to journal online; and even print out your pages to paste in your journal. I considered it, and it seemed like a much easier idea. However, it didn’t look like an authentic, memorable journal– so I decided to print my photos, glue them in, and write out my memories! Call me old fashioned, but it looks way better.

The journal is way more than just a journal. There are pages that allow you to fill out your personal data and create loyalty cards. There’s also a few “just in case” pages that include all countries and their emergency hotlines– and a map pointing out the different time zones. My favorite part about it is the pages to mark the places to want to go, and the places you’ve seen– I can’t wait to fill those pages up!

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The back of the journal includes pages that can be punched out of the journal– they’re titled:

  • Packing List
  • To Do

It also has lines pages, blank pages, and bulleted pages; which make it even more unique. This gives you the opportunity to write, sketch, and even create a bullet journal in the back (which I’ve been meaning to do, as well). And, to top off the greatness of the journal, the last few pages are an index, so you’re able to write what is on each page– making it easier for you go to back in the future, to reminisce on your travels! The pocket in the back of the journal came with a sheet of stickers, which was a pleasant surprise. Heart stickers, arrow stickers, car stickers, oh my!

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Here’s an example page from my journal. It has work to be done, but to me, it’s perfect already. I look forward to filling it up with Rory, and I look forward to traveling with him as well. No matter if we travel to Europe, or a few miles down the street, it’s always an adventure with him.

You can check out this Moleskine notebook here, and all of the other amazing Moleskine products that, although I am not being sponsored and/or paid to post about, I will rave about any day, anyways!

Cheers, to happy and safe travels!