For me, keeping good posture has always been a struggle. I constantly find myself in a battle between sitting up straight and looking good, or keeping myself comfortable with my shoulders rounded. As a student sitting in class for hours on end everyday, someone who works from their computer daily, as well as being an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation, proper posture is key– and reminding myself to sit up straight no matter what I’m doing is tougher than you may think.

Not only is posture important for your health and confidence, good posture is also a major part of yoga. During my practice of yoga and/or meditation, I often catch my mind wandering off to remind myself to stand/sit up straight and breath. Having good posture is a clear indicator of positive self-awareness and self-assurance. So, not only does your posture directly affect your health, it also affects your attitude in everyday life.

The little voice in the back of your head that keeps saying “Shoulders back!” or “Sit up straight!” may get annoying, however, there’s nothing more that you can do other than listen to it.


It’s easy to say one thing, but it’s often harder to follow through with it. Saying that you want to start sitting up straight and focusing on achieving proper posture is easy– actually doing it is another thing! So, we already know how to achieve proper posture. Now for the heavy stuff…

The Question:

How do we develop proper posture, maintain it, and permanently work everyday to eventually improve our posture?

The Answer:

ALEX Wearable Posture Tracker + Coach

The What!?…

The ALEX! It sits gently on the back of your neck, as if you were wearing a pair of glasses backwards, and tracks the angle of your neck and the position of your head to assure your posture if spot on. When you are beginning to slouch, according to the personal setting that you set up on your device, your ALEX immediately alerts you by vibrating.

The coolest thing about your ALEX is that it connects to a FREE application on your smartphone that allows you to track your progress, check your performance, and monitor how your posture is improving or worsening overtime.

Being able to monitor and track my posture is a blessing in disguise, and this gadget makes everything much easier and accessible. I’ve tried out some gadgets and apps before– Garmin watches, Nike Pro Bands, tracking applications, etc.– I’ve also tried posture challenges, sticky notes, iPhone reminds, and after using the ALEX for a little over two weeks, I can confidently say that this gadget works wonders!

The Features…

  • It comfortably sits on the back of your neck like a pair of backwards glasses.
  • After personally setting up your proper posture, the ALEX vibrates to remind you when you start to slouch, or your posture is beginning to worsen.
  • It helps relieve back and neck pain that results from poor posture.
  • It helps you track your posture progress, check your performance, and monitor how your posture is improving or worsening overtime.

The Technology…

  • The package includes the tracker, a USB charger, and a well built case to keep everything safe and secure.
  • The battery life on the ALEX lasts up to seven days without recharging it once!
  • The mobile tracking app links right from the device to your phone all with bluetooth. And, the bluetooth doesn’t always have to be on for ALEX to be tracking your posture.

The Set Up…

  1. Charge your ALEX for two hours before using for the first time. The light will go from red to green once the device is fully charged.
  2. Connect your ALEX to your device by turning on your Bluetooth.
  3. After your device is connected, begin by putting your ALEX on and setting your positive and poor posture angles. Once you set up your angles, they are stored for future wear, but are able to be changed at anytime in the future.
  4. When you begin to slouch, the ALEX will vibrate, constantly coaching you towards perfect posture. You can also set vibration reminders for every ten, thirty, or sixty seconds– according to your personal preference.
  5. The ALEX tracks everything in real time, allowing you to see results immediately, and check them whenever necessary to keep track of your progress.

If you struggle with perfecting your posture, I highly suggest giving this product a try. Since I am constantly sitting at my desk doing homework or work, I try to put my ALEX on whenever I know I will be sitting at my desk for an extended period of time. Maintaining proper posture while I am sitting at my desk doing work allows proper posture to begin feeling natural. Then, I am able to maintain it while I am doing other actives– including yoga!

Even when I am not wearing my ALEX, I now find myself sitting up straight when I notice I’m slouching more than I ever have before. Contrary to popular belief, it usually takes 66 days to build a habit. Although this may seem a lot more than the traditional 21, building the habit of sitting up straight and developing proper posture will benefit you in the long run. Good posture will not only improve your yogic practice, it will also improve you self-confidence and overall life!

This comfortable, easy to use product will show you almost immediate results. I encourage everyone reading this review to give it a go! Any questions are welcome in the comments– I’d be happy to answer them!

You can purchase your ALEX here!


This post is written by me, sponsored by ALEX Wearable Posture Tracker and Coach. All opinions are 100% mine.



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