After what seemed to be a long month back at school (that also flew by seemingly fast), I can confidently say that I am adjusted to school again. With almost four months off of school, coming back and jumping right back into the swing of things was tougher than I expected. I didn’t realize how much I was going to miss home, but I also didn’t realize how much I missed seeing my closest friends and my boyfriend every day.

Although my class schedule this year seemed to cater to my need for relaxation much more than my class schedule last semester, I didn’t realize how much work I would be bombarded with so soon. On the first day of one of my English classes, we were assigned to finish Aeschylus’ Agamemnon in it’s entirety. By the time the fifth week of classes rolled around, we had read just about six Greek tragedies. In my other English class, we’ve been writing at least two papers a week. I can’t even talk about Statistics without wanting to claw my eyes out, or Public Speaking because there’s not much to say about it, but I can say that as painful as this sounds– I do enjoy my three hour Buddhism class.

The deeper we get into the semester, the higher I feel like my work is being piled up. Three exams, huge papers, an informative speech, a quiz, etc, etc, etc… And we’re already midway through October…

Regardless of the work load that I’ve been trying not to drown in (and I’ve been pretty successful if I do say so myself), I’ve also been doing pretty exciting things. Rory and I visited City Kitchen, a Times Square food market on 8th Ave on a whim to get some donuts from Dough! Not only did we get donuts from our favorite place, we also split a Spiced Chicken pita wrap from Ilili Box, a Mediterranean vendor.

After our fun first adventure to the city, I surprised Rory with tickets to Electric Zoo, and we went Labor Day weekend with a bunch of our friends!

After attending EZOO on Randal’s Island, not only did I land a gig as a tour guide at my school, but I also landed a sweet part time internship working red carpet premiers for movies in Manhattan! After working American Honey and another night, The Dressmaker, Rory met me in the city and we grabbed a quick bite of Mexican down in Chelsea. Before, however, we had to stop at Doughnut Plant and get a donut or two.

To continue on with my city excursions, my cousin Matt met Rory and I in the city to attend the last day of Oktoberfest down at South Street Seaport! After one too many dollars spent and one too many beers ingested, let’s just pretend that the Knackwurst was what had me feeling me sick..

And although September has come to an end (almost 18 days ago), I got to ring in October by celebrating my mom’s birthday with my mom, dad, boyfriend, and some sangria!

As much as I’d love to post more, school has me feeling a bit overwhelmed. However, I will try… I promise I will try!


Until next time.