All of our senses and everything we experience and encounter are attuned to their own frequencies, which tend to react with us in either a positive or negative way.

The Chinese recognize the concept of the five elements that arise from the interaction between the yin and the yang, and represent the different embodiments of chi. The elements, although they do get imbalanced at times, are meant to flow together to all support each other. When one has a heavier presence than the others, the imbalance causes difficulties.

As humans, our relationship with the five elements is much more important than we may think. Along with that, discovering our personalities according to the elements is very beneficial. Keep reading to find out which element matches your personality best.

Wood People

Wood symbolizes growth. In its yin form, it is pliable– however in its yan form, it is as sturdy as oak. Wood energy is expansive, versatile, nurturing. Wood people are generally energetic and free-spirited. Their creativity and outgoing personalities win them the love and support of almost everyone around them. Wood people commonly visualize ideas and plans before committing to them, and once they do commit, they are generally able to undertake tasks with confidence and enthusiasm. However, they have a tendency to often become impatient and tired easily, making it even harder for them to complete tasks once they are committed. Keeping a wood person in tune and inspired will make a world of a difference.

Fire People

Fire symbolizes light, warmth, and happiness, however it has the ability to erupt abruptly and destroy. Fire people tend to be leaders, and constantly crave action. They inspire others to follow, even if it means influencing others to following them into dangerous/sticky situations. The downside of fire people is that they are too prone to living in the moment, and often forget about rules or even future consequences. Fire people also tend to give little thought to their feelings, and often act very spontaneously. Despite the downsides, they are known to be humorous and passionate people.

Earth People

The nurturing environment of the earth is exactly what encourages earth people to grow. Earth people nurture, support, and interact with others better than others. They are supportive and loyal, and have the ability to remain steady and strong throughout a time of crisis’. Being patient and steady, the inner strength they endure and possess is contagious. Although they do tend to be nit-picky, you can depend on an earth person to be there for you, always remaining dependent and patient.

Water People

Water people are gentle, rain or storm. They support and nurture, similar to earth people, however with much more understanding. Their ability to communicate thoroughly makes them out to be persuasive and diplomatic characters. Although they are sensitive, they are always able to lend an ear no matter how they feel about the situation. Their artistic, flexible, sociable, sympathetic, adaptable abilities allow them to view things holistically. Although they can be fickle and intrusive, their ear is always open.

Metal People

Metal symbolizes strength, and is also a conductor. Metal people are great with communication, and have brilliant ideas lying inside of them. They are dogmatic and resolute. Their strong perseverance and ambitious aims allow them to reach for the stars– and grab a hold of them. They are independent, well organized, and content with their own company. Sometimes, they may come off hard headed, since they don’t accept help easily. They have the ability to thrive during challenging times. Although they are often serious and inflexible, they are intuitive and interesting people.


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Until next time beautiful people– om shanti, om peace!