I was recently given a fantastic opportunity to try out some products from Nip + Fab, a beauty product company based in the UK! Their line of products range from skincare to body care products, and are designed to deliver specific treatments to the face and body, using innovative formulas and natural ingredients.

Being that I can’t keep myself out of Walgreens for even a week, I was familiar with the products before trying any. Every single time I walked through the beauty isle to simply browse or pick up something I needed, I came across these products and they always seemed to catch my eye.

Regarding my beauty products, I am very picky. I tend to stick to the same face wash, lotions, and even beauty products for almost years on end, until I am given something by a friend, or able to try something out for free. I’ve been using the same face wash routine, moisturizing routine, and even foundation and eyeliner routine for years. However, I feel that after a while some products need to be switched up, because I end up not seeing the results I used to see.

After recently switching up my brand of eyeliner for the first time in almost 4 years, being able to try out these Nip + Fab products was a blessing! #NipAndFab














I was most excited about the face mask I received, because I was so close to buying one for myself a few weeks ago. Nip + Fab’s Kale Fix Clay Mask is meant to hydrate skin, and draw away any impurities. After cleansing my face in the shower, I applied a thin layer of the face mask to dry skin. The clay mask has such a sweet, natural smell. It doesn’t have an overbearing fragrance, which I think is great.

The face mask has a nice, clay consistency, but goes on super smooth. After a few minutes on my face, the mask began to dry almost clear. I began to feel the tightness on my face, but I was still able to move it without the mask cracking, peeling, or hurting. When the 10 minutes was up, I rinsed off the mask with lukewarm water using circular motions, like it says on the back of the tube.

The kale face mask is full of not only kale, watercress and witch hazel, but also Vitamins A, C, and K to rejuvenate skin, help it maintain it’s softness and elasticity, and keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. The box advises that you use the face mask twice a week for best results. After just one use, my skin felt softer and smoother. In the morning following my first use, my skin had still maintained the same softness it had after I rinsed the mask off. Along with that, I usually apply moisturizer after my shower. However, after washing my face, my face was just as moisturized as it would be if I had applied moisturizer– so there was no need for me to apply any!

This face mask definitely gets a 10/10, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick fix that feels great and smells fantastic! This Kale Fix Clay Mask usually runs for $9.95, and can be purchased here!

The next product I tried was the Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads. I was nervous when I first received these, because the cleansing pads I have tried in the past were usually dripping wet and very ineffective. However, these pads are the complete opposite! The pads are very thin, and full of just enough moisture to cleanse your skin perfectly.

I was unfamiliar with the benefits of glycolic acid until I received this product. To give you a little background if you are in the same boat as me, glycolic acid is meant to remove dead skin cells, keep your pores empty and clean, and give you fresher, brighter skin. I struggle with blackheads on my nose that aren’t noticeable to others, but definitely noticeable to me. When I used these pads on my face, the texture felt great on my nose. In the past, I’ve used exfoliants that hurt, and often didn’t do much. However, these pads seem to be doing the trick.

After opening the jar for the first time, I instantly fell in love with the smell (similar to when I first smelt the clay mask). For $12.95, you get 60 cleansing pads meant to exfoliate, retexture, and brighten skin. The moisturizing formula in the pads  works wonders helping to brighten, smooth, and clear your skin.

My skin felt very refreshed after using these pads, and looked brighter than before. The pads didn’t burn, and didn’t make my skin feel sticky or dried out afterwards which was a major plus. At a reasonable price like this, I don’t see what other product works this great and allows you to get your moneys worth! Although I don’t have many problems with brightness or texture on my entire face, I plan to use these pads to cleanse my nose and chin to help eliminate any clogging of my pores. You can purchase the cleansing pads here!


The third product I received was the AMAZING Dragon’s Blood Fix Hyaluronic Shot. This product is an intense moisture concentrate to help save dehydrated, dry skin. By adding two drops of this serum to your day and/or night moisturizer, you’re instantly boosting the hydration your skin receives from moisturizer alone. Dragon’s Blood isn’t what it sounds like– it is actually a sap found in Croton Lechleri trees. This “Dragon’s Blood” serum protects and heals your skin, while protecting it at the same time. The serum also contains a 50% hyaluronic solution that hydrates and plumps the skin, helping it to retain moisture.

In the winter, I am prone to extremely dry skin, and have been swearing by Clinque’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel for many years. However, no matter how religiously  you apply moisturizer, everyone knows that sometimes there’s absolutely no saving your skin– until this product!

After my shower before applying makeup, I always moisturize. This time, I added two drops of the Dragon’s Blood serum to my moisturizer. Not only does it smell great, I promise you it works wonders! Usually, my skin isn’t a huge fan of strong, overbearing fragrances. However, since my Clinique moisturizer is fragrance-free, a little bit of fragrance doesn’t hurt! After just one use my skin looked and felt great. I could feel a significant amount of added moisture to my moisturizer, without feeling wet and sticky after applying. After applying, my skin felt smooth and looked brighter.

The serum is full of ingredients that work miracles hydrating your skin and protecting it from dryness and other aggressions throughout the day. It also works to reduce redness, wrinkles, and fine-lines, and smooth the skin for a younger looking complexion. With this serum, you are given the option to either mix it with your moisturizer like I did, or shoot it directly on the skin. I’ve never used a serum like this, so the easy to use tube it comes in makes applying the product so much fun. After unscrewing the cap, you simply click the button on the top of the applicator once to allow the serum to enter the tube, and then once more to release it.

Although this product may seem small for $24.95, it is worth every penny. By using this product once, or even twice a day, you will see results almost instantly, even better results after consistent use. Two drops goes a very long way, and you will get many, many uses out of this bottle. If you’re interested in buying this product (that I would now consider one of my holy grail skincare products), click here!

I saved this product for last, because I thought it was the most interesting and exciting product I received. Nip + Fab’s Bust Fix Night Cream is something many girls have dreamed of getting their hands on. Well ladies, today is the day you are exposed to a product that may change your life forever. Forget spending $50 on a bra that will give you two added cup sizes, spend $16.25 to plump up your breasts overnight!

This super-charged night time cream is meant to plump up the look of your breasts. To achieve the best results, this night time cream works while you are sleeping to add volume to your bust area. The key ingredient of this product is chronodyn, which is a chronobiological cell energizer that works to tone and firms your skin by triggering cell metabolism and stimulating the calcium release and the energy level in your skin. With chronodyn included as the key ingredient, this cream works to regenerate your skin and add volume to your breasts and cleavage, while also firming your bust area. Another key ingredient in this product is cellactive®-form. This is a plant-based complex full of ingredients that help accentuate feminine features.

I applied this product one night, on and around my breasts. The consistency of this product is almost exactly the same as any other body lotion. It also has a fantastic smell, which I’ve noticed is a trend among #NipAndFab products. After just one night using this product, I noticed a bit more firmness in the area of my bust. Although I am not very self conscious about my breasts, applying this cream before a night out or just when I’m looking to firm and moisturize my bust area has never been easier. However, if you’re looking for the best results, apply this cream nightly.

If you’re looking to plump and firm the appearance of your breasts over night, give this product a try! Buy it here!

Overall, I fell in love with this brand– the Dragon’s Blood Serum and the Kale Fix Clay Mask especially! #NipAndFab isn’t limited to the products I’ve used, their website is full of inexpensive products that all look amazing. Although I’ve never been a fan of trying new products and I’m a sucker for routines, these products really did the trick and opened my eyes to the many skin and body products I am shying away from!

Nip and Fab’s products are affordable, effective, and smell great– does it get any better than that?