The creation of love is beautiful. And the art of love is also the art of persistence. Keaton Henson once said, “I think a lot of art is trying to make someone love you”.  In some past cases, I believed that statement could possibly be true. However, in the most recent case, that being my life, I believe it to be nothing but true. There is something so amazing about waking up next to the person you love. Love, in it’s most purest form, is looking at the person next to you and not being able to keep a smile from curling open your lips almost instantaneously. Love is being able to confidently say you would make a bigger jump for them than you would for anyone else you have ever encountered in your lifetime. Before love, I would consider the process of making someone love you, or trying at the least, to be an art. The first dates. The long periods of laughter, and then even longer periods of silence. You know, the silence that isn’t awkward. The holding hands and the meaningless kisses that, in fact, mean absolutely everything. The subtle touch of their arm while you’re gazing into their eyes, or just the way that you notice yourself moving closer to them every time they’re near. The eyes you give them when you want to show them how infatuated you are, or the way your lips pucker up every time you want a kiss. The way you shy away when you’re at a loss for words, and the way you can feel their eyes still on your skin whenever you’re not looking. The way you can feel their smile as they kiss your innocent lips over and over and over again. And just when you thought they’ve had enough, they only want more. When someone decides to reciprocate the love, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you could call that art too. When you start to notice the way they always put their hand out for you to grab when you’re walking alongside them, or the way they put you on the inside of the sidewalk as a form of protection. What about the way they press their body to yours when they hug you, even tighter than they did with the last? The way they react to kisses, and how you have no doubt in your mind that their stomach still turns upside down after every single kiss. The way you can feel their smile peeking through when their lips are pressed against yours. The way they sing along to the radio with you by their side, the way their face lights up when a lyric reminds them of you, and the way everything around you two just seems a little bit brighter. The way things come together with just a little effort and a passionate, mutual desire between two people is an art.  I believe all of these actions to be different forms of art, in the way that people are paintings and every move we make is being put on a canvas as we make them. Every single little thing we do to make someone love us is just another color being thrown onto our canvas. And when all of our colors come together to make something beautiful, you have love. After that, you learn to maintain the love. Maintaining the love is so much more than art, it is a never ending masterpiece. Do not mistake this piece of art as unfinished. It may be incomplete, but it is endless. A masterpiece that you could look at one hundred times, and still always have the desire to add something to make it better, even in the slightest way possible. Never settle for what you have on your canvas. Never let the painting feel completed. Always know that you can add something to the painting, and even if it may be something almost invisible to the naked eye, at least you know that in your eyes, the painting is better. And stronger. And more vibrant and lively and spirited than any other painting you have ever created. Pour your heart and soul into this painting and never ever stop, not in a million years. If you continuously pour all of your love into this painting and never anything less, nothing will let this painting sit miserably unfinished; it will be beautifully infinite. And if a day comes where you believe there is nothing left to do to the painting, and you know deep down you’ve given it your all, whether it be six months after the painting began to develop, or seven years later, leave it be. Let it sit. Remember how much work you put into this piece of art as a whole. Then, remember love. Remember the first kisses and the morning kisses. The rushing goodbye kisses and the long, yearning kisses. Remember the hand holding and the arm grabbing. Remember the laughter and the tears. Remember everything that led up to this painting becoming the endless masterpiece that it is. And when a day may come where either person believes there is nothing left to do to this painting, let it be. Leave it alone. If you gave it your all, do not be disapointed with yourself. Do not because there is nothing left to do. Do not think of the time taken to create this painting as a waste. Do cry because your painting can not be completed.  Remember, not every effort put into this painting will help keep the love together. Stay sane, and keep in mind, true love will always prevail. True love is an infinite feeling, a decision, a secruity, a promise, and most of all, a form of art like no other. And,

“Earth without art is just eh.