Falling in love is probably the most complex yet simplest thing in the world. It has to be so stressful and so damn beautiful at the same time. Falling in love must happen slow, then eventually all hit you like a ton of bricks, or maybe a piano dropping from a 10 story building. It has the capability of breaking your heart into millions of pieces and mending it back together before you even know it. Falling in love is like finally catching all of the butterflies that have been fluttering around your stomach for the past years. Falling in love can be terrible, but I think when you find the right person it’s like putting out the fire in a burning building. Falling in love will make you so mad; crazy and angry, all at once. It will burn holes through your hands and all of your thoughts will pour out of you and scatter all over your bed. Falling in love is being able to confidently say you would swallow razor blades just to see the other person happy. Falling in love is like finally finding your way through their roadmap-like veins. Falling in love is falling asleep to the sound of their voice and waking up to their lips pressed against yours. It’s 5am sunrises and surprise flowers. Falling in love is also screaming on the phone and not speaking for a week. And when that happens, you feel as if a gaping hole in the center of your chest opened up; and you can’t catch your breath. But once you catch your breath you speak. When the other says “crawl” you ask, “how far?”. Love is like the one teacher who could never say your name correctly. And falling in love is finally pronouncing it. Falling in love is as subtle as a gun. Falling in love is looking at someone every time like it’s the first time. Falling in love must feel terrifying and amazing all at once. It must be overbearing and a lot to handle but such an indescribable feeling. Falling in love is sort of like discovering you have had hands for your whole life, and finally knowing what to do with them.

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