To begin my December adventures, I celebrated my one year anniversary with my best friend, one and only, forever and always. We went to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller center, and then enjoyed a beautiful Italian dinner at Casa Bella in Little Italy (which I’ve been having withdrawals of since), curtosey of my handsome, chivalrous man. After some delicious house wine and way too much olive oil and bread, we still managed to clear our plates. Instead of having dessert, we headed across the street to a small, Italian bakery to grab some treats for the subway ride home. Rory, and everything he does, makes my heart sing.

After a stressful week of finals, and what felt like forever to find out that I passed statistics with a B, we headed home for a month off of school (by the way, just so everyone knows, I am OFFICIALLY done with math for the rest of my life!!!) Thanks to my high school TV & Video teacher, Rory and I were able to enjoy our first Sunday home practicing some curling in South Plainfield, New Jersey. Although I did curl once a few years back, seeing Rory on the ice, along with a mentor of mine was too much fun!

To ring in the New Year, Rory, Jenn, and my good pal Jack (if you’re picking up what I’m putting down) went to a good friend of mine’s house to celebrate. Around 11, we headed home to watch the ball drop with my parents. After a few episodes of Gilmore Girls, we both fell asleep.

To start my 2017 off in the best way possible, I learned a lot about the world around me, and myself in the Bahamas studying yoga and Hinduism. Rather than waste all of your time writing about the crazy amazing experience I had and why you should all pursue what you love, if you’d like to read about my experience, (which I strongly encourage) click here!

After arriving back at school, getting back into my old routine was tough. Rather than waking up every morning at 5:30 am, meditating, doing yoga, taking classes, eating, exploring, and meditating again for a week straight, I had to remember what it was like to sit in a classroom and take notes. After settling in and reading Beowulf in it’s entirety in approximately 2 nights, Rory and I celebrated our birthdays, one weekend after another. For my birthday, we enjoyed a delicious Portuguese dinner at Sol Mar in Newark, New Jersey. This weekend we headed into the city to eat at Dos Caminos, a restaurant I’ve been eyeing since last year. Let my tell you, the guacamole was so good, I was tempted to go back hours after we left to get some guac to go. 10/10 recommend both restaurants.

And today, after staying up until the wee hours doing homework and watching Skin Wars with my good friend Samantha, I decided to spend the rest of my day doing even more homework in a coffee shop. And if you’re wondering, I’m still doing homework as we speak.

Not too much for December and January, but let’s see what the next few months have in store, because I have a lot planned;

A lot of big assignments coming up, a few applications due, a trip to South Carolina, a surprise or two for Rory, and always spontaneous adventures with my friends…