This past Monday, April 1st, I received news that I had been waiting on since last summer. News that I wasn’t even 100% positive I’d receive, being that thousands of applicants apply every year and less than 30 receive acceptance. News that lifted a huge weight off my shoulders.

I was accepted into Dominican College’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Class of 2022.

All of the hard work I put in these past for years, and especially this year, paid off– enrolling in a countless number of science classes, taking the GRE twice, writing essays, obtaining letters of recommendation, paying application fees, transcript fees, and proving to myself that I have what it takes as an English major.

And did I mention waiting to hear back? Oh boy, was waiting hard.

But I worked just as hard to maintain a positive attitude while waiting to hear back.

Since last summer, when everything began to fall in place with little effort, I knew I had finally found my path.

I am over the moon to begin my next journey in May.

I’m hoping to turn my blog into a platform to share my experiences as a DPT student.

Until then, I’m going to try my best to enjoy the last few weeks of my undergraduate education.

xo RLS

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