Hello friend,

My name is RikkiLynn. For years, I felt stuck, lost, confused and unsure of what my purpose in life was. I felt bombarded with negative thoughts and pressures of having to be someone or do something. I was unknowingly letting my mind control me.

I found freedom from my mind after stumbling upon yoga in college after fracturing my foot while running competitively. As a lifelong runner, my fascination with the body and our ability as humans to manipulate and design our bodies to grow, strengthen, stretch and shed led me to discover the healing power that comes along with both movement and complete stillness.

Our bodies tend to hold the weight of the past, our fears and our stresses in the form of achy shoulders and knots in our stomach. They can make us feel as ill as a virus. Our growth depends on the shedding of these hindrances.

Through the practice of yoga, I want to bring to light the importance of clearing our mind and ridding ourselves of fear in order to grow, heal and feel true liberation. While I understand it is innately human to hold onto what we feel is precious, when we hang on, we disrupt the natural flow of life. To be in harmony, we must let go.

Our essential nature is pure consciousness, and our true enlightenment is found in achieving the rhythm of the ebb and flow.

I live by the notion that we can only offer to one another what we first offer to ourselves, and I want to offer you the idea that we must nurture our mind, our body and our spirit was one, rather than as separate entities.

While at this moment in time, I have never felt more in touch with myself and more free from my mind, I am working every day to continue manifesting that which I seek.

While I am currently studying to obtain my degree as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and am unable to post as often as I’d like, I hope I can offer you some mental clarity and help you on your journey to achieving true enlightenment, whatever that may mean to you.