My name is RikkiLynn!

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy student, distance runner of 10 years and a certified yoga instructor in the New Jersey/New York area. 

For as long as I can remember, I have always considered myself an athlete. While it took me years of trial and error to discover both my passions and what I’m good at, sports have made me who I am. I attribute my most esteemed characteristics– discipline, drive, leadership, confidence and positivity– to the skills I have developed throughout my athletic career. 

After running competitively for just about 6 years, I found myself under a lot of pressure in college both academically and athletically. This led to a train of negative thoughts and a feeling of being “stuck.”

As a lifelong runner, my fascination with the body and our ability as humans to manipulate our bodies to grow, strengthen, stretch and shed led me to discover the healing power that comes along with yoga. My instant love for the practice led me to becoming a certified yoga instructor in 2018.

My yoga practice and experiences teaching have not only made me a better yogi, but they’ve also made me a better runner and an even better person. 

Yoga isn’t about touching your toes and standing on your head. Yoga is about showing up and doing the work. Yoga is about speaking truthfully and staying true to our core values. Yoga is about quieting the mind and looking within to heal our own hearts. 

By learning to control our minds, we can conquer our bodies. 

Through my experiences as both a yogi and a runner, I have developed the tools to support myself on the path toward inner healing. I am learning to be more purposeful in my day-to-day life, rather than trying to find my purpose. I have learned to recognize my sense of power and self-worth. 

I have dedicated my life to showing up in the most authentic way in order to give others permission to do the same.