Start your 2017 off the right way– take my 30 Days of Decluttering Challenge!

Sometimes, cleaning out areas of your home can be tedious, but more so time consuming. There’s shoes and purses and clothes and hair and makeup products– and that’s just one room! Along with that, there’s your kitchen and your bathroom that haven’t even been touched yet. And who said we ever forgot about the forbidden “junk drawer” that you refuse to open? Forget the home, what about your social media???!!!

With my 30 Days of Decluttering Challenge, begin your journey to a clutter free home by focusing on a single space each day. The 30 day calendar provides you with a new challenge to complete each day. One day is dedicated to purses, and the other to the medicine cabinet. By going horizontally across the chart and crossing off a completed assignment, you will be on the road to a complete clutter free home  in as little as 30 days! Oh, and did I mention… it’s FREE?

The new year is all about renewal, resetting, and revamping, right? So get this easy to download PDF, hang it up somewhere noticeable to motivate you, and start this challenge today!








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