Dr. RikkiLynn Shields, PT, DPT, CLT holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Dominican University New York and a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Religious Studies from Manhattan College.

She is passionate about and specializes in treating pediatrics, orthopedics, lymphedema, and pelvic health. She utilizes a combination of a traditional and holistic approaches to rehabilitation, with an emphasis on manual therapy, breath work, and exercise. 

She is deeply fascinated by the body’s ability to heal itself, and draws upon her athletic background to treat a variety of conditions. As a physical therapist, she believes successful treatment comes from viewing the whole person– the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being– not just the diagnosis. RikkiLynn is a proud advocate for each of her patients, and understands the importance of balancing life while honoring your body. While her treatment methods are always evolving as she continues to learn and grow, her ultimate goal is to provide her patients with the means to initiate healing, optimize function, move better, breathe better, and live more vibrant lives.

RikkiLynn created this space to educate and empower individuals, and wishes to use this platform to share her knowledge, experience, tools, and tips to inspire and assist the next generation of physical therapists and connect with and learn from other healthcare professionals.

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